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We are the tenant of Puddletown Forest, located near Dorchester. It's leased to us for the purpose of growing timber and public access to the area is restricted to public rights of way only.

People can walk or cycle along the public rights of way and rediscover the beauty of the conifer tree without having to abandon any love of the broadleaf, as here they exist harmoniously side by side, branches softly creaking in the wind together.

The Forest has historic and ecological importance - it's home to rare insects, ground nesting birds such as woodlark and native reptiles in particular sand lizards and smooth snakes.

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Well behaved dogs welcome 
17/05/2022 13:21

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Although looked on favourably by some from the mountain biking community, the trails they’ve built in Puddletown Forest have created serious issues, often with unseen hazards for...

Walking in the forest is the perfect way to get some fresh air and explore some of the area's most beautiful views.

Puddletown Forest is restricted to access only on the public...

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