Cycling at Puddletown Forest

Cycling at Puddletown Forest

Although looked on favourably by some from the mountain biking community, the trails they’ve built in Puddletown Forest have created serious issues, often with unseen hazards for other woodland users. Also, many of these trails are inherently dangerous to inexperienced riders. Forestry England has supported off-road and road cycling for many years. Elsewhere, we have extensive networks of family and cross-country trails, with other facilities ranging from skills areas for complete beginners through to expert level experienced riders across the nation’s forests. 

A sustainable approach can only be achieve at Puddletown Forest when people work together to protect the environmental value of the area and take into account all local users, the terms of the woodland’s lease and the local wildlife.

Forestry England is the tenant of Puddletown Forest, it’s leased to us for the purpose of growing timber and public access to the area is restricted to public rights of way only.

Activity information

Puddletown Forest, Puddletown, Dorchester, DT2 8QS
There are no dedicated cycle trails at Puddletown Forest, so please be cautious of other users on the public rights of way.