Volunteering at Sherwood Pines

What can I do?

Whether you want to bring a corporate team to do something different or help out with practical conservation tasks then Sherwood Pines is the place for you.

Corporate Task Days

Looking for a unique experience for your team? Let Forestry England show you something completely different!

Practical Conservation

There is no regular group working in Sherwood Pines but both Positive Action and Woodland Workout groups can be found in Sherwood Pines at some point in the year.

Both groups are based in North Nottinghamshire and would be very happy to have you join in.

To find out more about each of the opportunities above please give us a call. 

Shadow Volunteer scheme 

Individuals thinking about a career in forestry may be interested in our Shadow Volunteer scheme.   

Taking place in the nation’s forests across England, Shadow Volunteers are given training, experience and development opportunities by work shadowing Forestry England staff. The scheme runs for six months, one to three days a week.  

Find out more about the scheme and when to apply via the button below.