The Fern Ticket I, Zakiya Mckenzie

Silhouette of forest at pink sunset

In the Dean, to have had your first amourous experience in the forest was to get your ‘fern ticket’

The Fern Ticket I

A taboo so sweet
A myth so endearing
A lover’s retreat
A comfortable clearing
Where prying eyes hide
Cannot intrude
And lover’s do the things they do
Within the folds of thick forest
Beneath the branches where birds nest
They share together nature’s delight
With woodland cover and sunlight
In rhythm with rain, in motion with moon
To give and take, to enjoy the bloom
To dance for days and to love with it
Come with amour, here lies the fern ticket

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Close up of blackberry flower
She checked to see what time it was. Looking up at the sun, she smiled because the rainclouds that had splashed the morning seemed to have moved on.
Eerie trees in the forest
A cobalt sky blanketed the morning and pockets of hazy sunshine beamed through morphing openings in the canopy high.
Mine entrance black and white
“Mining has been around since time out of mind,” I am told my Deputy Gaveller Dan Howell.