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Tiffany Francis-Baker stood next to stream in the forest

Tiffany Francis-Baker

Meet Tiffany Francis Baker, author and artist from the South Downs and one of this year’s writers in the forest.

‘The Tangled Web’ is inspired by her passion for conservation, the designs of William Morris, and her time talking with those who live and work in the nation's forests. 

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Drawing of birds on berry tree
The Tangled Web - part I
badger illustration
The Tangled Web - part II
deer illustration
The Tangled Web - part III
pine marten illustration
The Tangled Web - part IV
Snake illustration
The Tangled Web - part V
Birds by Tiffany Francis-Baker
The Tangled Web - part VI
looking up into trees
Photo credit: Tiffany Francis-Baker
Sun through the trees

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