Warksburn Picnic Area

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Are you a picnicker seeking adventure? Warksburn Picnic Area is just for you

More than just a picture perfect spot for your next picnic, Warksburn is overlooked by the famous Totem Poles of Stonehaugh village, adding some fascinating depth to the view from your picnic. 

The Poles, which have been standing for 50 years, aren't the only unique feature at this hidden gem. Keep your eyes peeled for the Black Dyke, a pre-Roman earthwork and a profusion of water, wetland and forest plants and flowers that you can find if you venture out on the waymarked walking trail. The banks of Warksburn are also reputed to contain gold deposits!

At a glance

  • Walking trail 
  • Picnic area
  • Famous Totem Poles

Things to do

Enjoy a relaxing picnic in the forest, just bring along good food and company!

There are picnic tables available on the grass near the car park.

To prevent forest fires and...

Warksburn Picnic Area has one walking trail which heads up the bank close to the picnic area. After walking along the burn and circling through the forest, the trail runs close to...

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