Horse riding at West Walk

Enjoy a scenic horse ride through our network of forest trails at West Walk, Hundred Acres and Woodend. We allow horse riding on permissive trails that are provided for members of TROT to enjoy.

Further details can be found by calling TROT  01622 735599 visiting the TROT website below.

Activity information

West Walk, Hundred Acres Road, Wickham, PO17 6JD
Horse riding is not permitted in Upperford Copse and horse riders are not allowed to ride through any of the forest car parks, picnic areas or play areas.
There are eleven horse gates where horse riders may access the forest. These are marked on the map which will be sent when you purchase a permit from TROT. This includes two gateways large enough to de-box your horse.
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Please note that horse riding is only permitted with a valid TROT pass or membership.