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Enjoy the tranquility of Woodend, one of natures wonderful woods

Popular with locals and visitors alike, Woodend is one of the few remaining fragments that make up the ancient Forest of Bere.

The shaded paths provide an excellent spot for walking and exploring or you can relax within the trees and listen to the sounds of nature. From ponds and streams with great crested newts and butterflies, there are a variety of habitats to enjoy.

Recoup at the nearby West Walk for a light refreshment and a host of facilities.

At a glance

  • Walking trails
  • Wildlife
  • Adventure play
  • Dogs welcome

Things to do

Cycling is a fantastic way to explore Woodend and soak up the beautiful scenery. 

Cycling at Woodend is informal and there is no waymarked cycling trail. Cyclists may use any track they deem suitable for their bikes ability and themselves.

Please be aware that surfaces can be very muddy in the winter.

Woodend offers a network of riding which include a diverse and beautiful range of woodland habitats.

Horse riding is by permit only and is informal (no marked route). Riders may use any track that they feel is suitable for the ability of their horse and themselves. It is recommended that riders new to the forest take the map supplied with the permit when entering the forest.

Please be aware that surfaces can get muddy in the winter. Carriage driving is possible with permission.

To apply for a riding permit, please contact TROT on 01622 735599 or visit their website.

Enjoy a tasty treat in the forest at one of our picnic benches, just bring along good food and company!

There are several picnic benches to enjoy your tasty treat. 


Walking is the perfect way to get some fresh air and explore some of the area's most beautiful landscapes. 

The Forest of Bere Trail starts from Woodend Car Park and takes you over the stream and past the ponds.


Nearby forests

Spring in the forest

Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Upperford Copse, part of one of the remaining fragments which make up the ancient Forest of Bere. 

woodland trail in picturesque setting

With walking trails, cycling, outdoor play and picnic spots, West Walk is the ideal family day out. At 350 hectares, it is the largest remaining fragment of the ancient Forest of Bere. 

Mixed woodland on a sunny day

A mosaic of woodland with historic interest walks, come and explore Creech Wood

Located west of Waterlooville within the stunning South Downs landscape, Creech Wood is home to  conifers as well as a small number of ancient broad-leaved trees. The mixture of trees provides a variety of habitats for wildlife, including patches of heather favoured by butterflies and bees, so bring your binoculars!

Children running on muddy forest path in wellies

Whiteley Pastures is home to a variety of rare wildlife including a rich insect population. The woodlands are a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest that we work to manage and protect. 

There are a range of gravel paths for you to follow that take you throughout the woodland and its natural features including areas of ancient woodland and ponds. 

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