Westonbirt Arboretum wellbeing activities

Woman writing on a notepad in the forest

Trees for wellbeing

Discover ideas and activities to help with your wellbeing and staying connected to nature. 

For generations, the trees of Westonbirt Arboretum have been a source of inspiration for artists, poets, architects, performers and many creative visionaries. Use these resources to build up your own spring diary full of your own artistic creations. Write a poem, draw a picture, create music or take up a yoga pose! 

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Unleash your creativitree

Brothers Grimm
Over half of the Grimm Brothers' fairytale stories feature trees & Forests
Create a short story inspired by the trees around you.
hoar frost
Haiku poetry was developed in Japan in the 17th century
Be inspired by nature and write your own haiku.
Buddha in tree
Buddha found inner peace whilst sitting under a fig tree
Sound maps help provide meditative focus - take a listen to the noises around you.
Tree symbolism
The Lebanese flag is a symbol of peace, holiness and eternity
Tell us about a tree which symbolises something to you.
Native American legend tells the story of how autumn colour came to be...
Find an unusual feature of a tree and tell the story of how it came to be.
Mandala is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism
Create a mandala made from natural materials found on the floor.
sagrada familia
The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona has tree-like stone columns
Use the pattern of a tree to draw your own tree inspired building.
Green Man
The Green Man image features in many religions and mythological stories
Can you find a face in a tree?
Our champion magnolia is the tallest in the British Isles at 72 feet
Follow our instructions to create your own magnolia flower.
writer in the forest
We use our senses to explore the world around us
Find a quiet space, close your eyes and focus on your senses
Close Up Christmas tree pines
Trees are used in the creation of many sounds and they also inspire songs
Create your own music film using natural resources.
timber stack close up to show tree rings of a trunk
The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.
Create your own tree life history - what would each tree ring say?
Hanging Tree
Land art is making structures in the landscape using natural materials
Create your own land art using natural resources around you.
may pole
Maypole dancing was thought to show reverence to sacred trees.
Create a dance inspired by the trees around you!
Looking up
The tree of life has symbolised the connection between heaven and earth
Pick a tree, what memories do you think it has during its lifetime?
Woman sat on grass in sunshine in yoga pose
The famous tree pose in yoga is so called after the Hindu goddess Sita
Create your own yoga pose inspired by a tree form.
Landscape gardeners look for the perfect plant to complement their gardens
If you could 'design a tree', what would it look like and why?
Red Canna
Artists use colour in landscape painting to reflect their perspective
Download our view of Westonbirt and colour it in - What colours will you use?
close up magnolia
Splashes of colour can be found in the trees, photography helps highlight this
Find a colour secret that surprises you! Take a photo and share with us.
DIY colour
DIY colour names can be unusual! But green tends to be named after something in nature
Find as many shades of one colour as you can and give them all names!
Children learning in the forest
I spy with my little eye something that looks like spring
Take a closer look and see if you can spot any of these signs of spring.
Children holding acorns
The natural world has an abundant source of richly textured objects
How many textures can you touch in your garden or on your daily exercise?
Learning Westonbirt
Plants are ideal for attracting pollinators due to their scents
Create your own woodland scent! Who would be attracted to your new aroma?
Two boys look closely at the leaves on a tree
Leaf colour, size and shape can vary considerably
Find as many different fallen leaves as you can, then sort them into different piles.
community westonbirt
Crafting can help alleviate symptoms of mental health
Get crafty and make your own botanical bunting with natural objects.
Child behind tree
Some stories tell of trees that can think talk and even walk
Interview a tree to find out what stories it has to tell!
A man using the iNaturalist app
From insects to plant life you can discover and record wildlife
Explore the wildlife in your garden and record your findings on the inaturalist app.
Empty Birds nest
Wood is good for building things. Birds use wood to make their homes
Have a go at being a bird and making your own nest!
tree craft activity
Earth-friendly crafts are a responsible way to enjoy crafting
Use recycled materials to make something new like this egg carton tree.
Seed collecting trip in America
Plant hunters travelled the world bringing back plants
Imagine you are a plant hunter and discover a new type of tree!
tree bark
If you look really closely at trees you will notice interesting patterns
Can you spot all these different types of patterns in nature?
colouring pencils
Colouring isn't just for kids, some adults say it helps with anxiety
Try colouring in our intricate tree and you may just surprise yourself!
Children looking at forest floor
Scavenger hunts are an exciting way to get children exploring the natural world
Can you find all the items on our scavenger hunt list?
child with puzzle
Puzzles can help give the brain a full-body workout
How many species can you find in our wordsearch?
Woman with camera taking photo in autumn
Mindful photography can open the door to a secret world
Can you take a photo of these concepts on your next walk?
tree with a door
Creative writing encourages kids to exercise their creative minds
Imagine you're walking in the woods and discover a tree with a magical doorway...
spring bird
Spring is a great time to look out for birds busy building nests
Get crafty with our origami bird activity - you can even make your own flock!
Crochet trees
Creative activities like crochet are great to help focus on the present moment
Create your own mini crocheted tree woodland or forest!
child reaching at tree
The patterns and textures of bark are unique to each tree
Experiment with bark rubbings on your next daily walk.
worm in hand
Minibeasts are invertebrates - they don't have a backbone
Lets go on a bug hunt! How many of these minibeasts can you find?
Cherry Blossom at Westonbirt Arboretum
Be inspired by spring
Create your own miniature cherry tree
Qi sticks meditation at Westonbirt
Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety.
Take some time to pause and breathe with our Qi sticks meditation activity.
Red admiral butterfly with open wings
Sometimes the smallest things are the most beautiful
Get creative and design your own butterfly pattern.
Pouring tea in the woods
Teas from trees
Sometimes all that's needed is a nice cup of tea. Take a moment to sit in your garden and enjoy a cuppa today.
Blue ground beetle
A palace fit for a king!
We might not be able to welcome people into our homes, but why not make a cozy spot for the minibeasts and insects that visit your garden.
Woman looking at tree
Doing it together - collaborative creations!
Have a go at creating a collaborative poem inspired by nature!
Community volunteers cooking
Let's get cooking!
Reward yourself with a tasty treat and have a go at making chocolate truffles.
Wildflowers on forest floor
Unleash the flower power
As you walk around this spring, make some colourful creations with fallen flowers
Natural Painting
Try painting with a nature twist!
Go hunting for natural materials and use them to create a beautiful painted mandala!
Boy and girl on walk
Take in the world around you on a mindful walk
Go for a walk and focus on what you can feel, smell, taste, hear and see...
Leaves in spring
Create a leafy flower
Hunt for leaves of different shapes, colours and sizes and create a flower with a leafy twist
Boy looking at leaves with microscope
It's a jungle out there
Venture out into your garden and discover what beasts and beasties are lurking there