About the Graduate Leadership Programme

Updated 29th October 2020

You will work in an operational forestry environment ( at managerial level ) so you will need to quickly learn a wide range of forestry terms, skills and knowledge that will help you manage tasks from fencing, planting and felling operations to community consultations and staff management.

You could be working outdoors for around 40 - 60% of your time. However there will also be periods that are more indoor based and involve managing small to medium sized projects effectively and efficiently in a supervised situation to ensure we deliver in time and on budget. You could be involved in writing a policy document on a subject such as recreation facility management, pests and diseases, sustainable forest management or community development.

You will also be supported by a network of previous graduates who will meet you as part of your induction and will stay in touch throughout your two years and beyond.

Experiences of past Graduates on the programme.


We have up to 2 places on the 2021/22 Graduate Leadership Programme based in England. All of your placements will be in England.

If you have a disability, health condition and/or caring responsibilities, reasonable adjustments will be made to accommodate these, however Graduates are required to be flexible in order to meet business needs.

For your first move, you will be expected to find accommodation and move your belongings at your own expense.  However if you have particular trouble finding suitable accommodation which can be the case in more rural and remote areas, we will try to provide local knowledge/support to help source suitable rental accommodation.

For any subsequent move, you will be supported by Forestry England.

Training and Development

You will be supported from the day you start the programme with an induction period which will help you find your feet. You will also be given a senior mentor and have access to a variety of personal development opportunities.

These are some of the personal development things our graduates have done:-

• Project Management Training and Exam (Accredited Project Manager APM)
• Attended our in-house Management Development Programme (5 modules)
• Received 360 degree feedback after each placement
• Worked with a coach on personal challenges
• Shared experiences and gained knowledge from a senior mentor
• Joined the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) or other relevant institutes
• Developed a network of contacts across the organisation
• Joined steering/working groups