Graduate recruitment diversity and inclusion

A man and woman wearing Forestry England uniform walking in the forest in autumn

Recruiting a diverse workforce

Just as our ecosystems thrive in diversity, so does humanity. This principle is at the heart of Forestry England’s diversity and inclusion strategy. A diverse workforce should be bound by shared values of respect, integrity, honesty, objectivity, and impartiality.

In shaping the future of the forestry sector, we want to recruit visionary individuals to our Graduate Leadership Programme who have a variety of experiences, cultures, and perspectives and who share our values. This will help us build a more inclusive and sustainable environment alongside enriching the connection between the nation’s forests and the communities they serve.

An inclusive work environment

At our core, we believe that every individual, regardless of social or ethnic background, those who are neurodiverse or are living with disabilities and those who have experienced disadvantage in their early lives, has a place to thrive and grow in their career with us at Forestry England.

A man wearing Forestry England uniform and a high-visibility using a tool in the forest

Reasonable adjustments during recruitment

All successful candidates will be asked if they require any reasonable adjustments throughout the application stage, interviews and when offered a role. The recruitment process for the Graduate Leadership Programme involves telephone interviews and in-person assessment activities, and in the past we have offered these reasonable adjustments:

  • extra time.
  • rest breaks.
  • printed resources on coloured paper.
  • a time of day that works for you.
  • assistive technology advice.
  • rooms allocated for prayer space.

We encourage candidates to ask for any other reasonable adjustments they may need and will accommodate them where possible.

Staff networks open to all

Graduate Trainees at Forestry England, like all staff, have access to four staff networks:

  • Rainbow Canopy (LGBTQ+ and allies).
  • REACH (Race Equality and Cultural Heritage).
  • Disability, Neurodiversity and Carers.
  • Women’s Staff network.

These staff-led networks contribute to our culture of inclusivity, by providing a platform for personal and professional growth and encouraging allies to actively participate in understanding and supporting diverse perspectives.

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