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Help climate and nature with Ecotricity

Support our tree planting and conservation projects by switching to Ecotricity

You can help support England’s forests by making the switch to Britain’s greenest energy provider, Ecotricity.  

When you switch to Ecotricity’s Green tariffs for your gas or electricity, they will donate £25 on your behalf to Forestry England, and a further £25 for every year you remain their customer. If you switch both your gas and electricity, they will donate an amazing £50 when you switch and £50 each year. 

We will use this money to support the fight against climate change and plant more trees across the nations forests.  

Support for our merchandise range 

In November and December 2023, Ecotricity are supporting the Forestry England official store. 

Ecotricity’s support will enable us to plant 200 native species of tree in the New Forest including oak, hornbeam, cherry and field maple that will be a valuable timber resource for future generations, at the same time as providing a home for wildlife while they grow and mature. 

Plus, profits from the store will go towards planting even more trees in the New Forest.  

Help support our work and see our range.

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Creating new woodlands

The world is facing a climate crisis and we need more trees. Trees lock up carbon from the atmosphere, provide sustainable wood and homes for wildlife to thrive.

We are committed to growing the nation’s forests by creating new woodlands in England. We're investing in our future forests and growing trees that will survive in the changing climate. Our nurseries grow 18 million new trees every year to replant forests across Britain and create new areas of woodland. 

By switching to Ecotricity, you could support the growth of up to 10 new trees every year per customer!

More about Ecotricity

Ecotricity operate a unique model. They use their customers’ energy bills to fund the building of new sources of green energy. They refer to this as turning ‘bills into mills’ – energy bills into windmills, sunmills and soon gasmills. They are a not-for-dividend company, their profits go back into their mission to change the way electricity is made and used in Britain.

With no shareholders to answer to, they are free to dedicate themselves to the task of building new sources of green energy. Be a part of their green revolution and switch today.

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