Barbecues in the New Forest

Barbecues in the New Forest

Hire a barbecue hearth - available at Anderwood and Wilverley and suitable for up to 50 people.

Disposable barbecues - are not permitted in the New Forest, unless it is at one of our designated sites, where stands and water are available.

Raised non - disposable barbecues - are allowed on the gravel of Forestry Commission car parks.

Barbecues on campsites - if you are planning on using a barbecue on one of the Camping In The Forest campsites please check with the site warden, as there use is up to the wardens discretion.

In order to protect this special landscape from the risk of fire please follow our guidance:

  • Never leave the barbecue unattended
  • Ensure you have plenty of water available and barbecues are fully extinguished after use
  • Make sure that all rubbish, including barbecue charcoals, are taken away with you
  • The collection of wood from the forest is not permitted - please do not use it to add fuel to your barbecue
  • Open fires are not allowed

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