Arts - The Forest of Dean Sculpture trail at Beechenhurst

The Forest of Dean Sculpture trail

Founded in 1986, the sculpture trail is a partnership between Forestry England and the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust.

Some of the sculptures are temporary, while others will last for years. They have all been designed to evolve over time as the forest changes around them. Over the years, artists at all stages of their careers have been invited to create artworks for this unique context.

The sculptures on this trail are inspired by the forest - its trees, wildlife and industrial past. The sculptures are mostly constructed from natural material from the Dean - wood, stone and iron. They are interspersed along the trail through majestic oaks and towering Scots pine trees.

There are waymarked shortcuts: Shortcut A (first 6 sculptures) is approx 2.2 miles in length and Shortcut B is 3 miles (first 12 sculptures). 

The Sculptures

  1. Meander, by Kristina Veasey (2023)
  2. Heart of the Stone, by Tim Lees (1988)
  3. Yaşasin, by Pomona Zipser (2016)
  4. Soil unsoiled, by Khady Gueye and  Zakiya Mckenzie (2021)
  5. Fire & Water Boats, by David Nash (1986)
  6. Iron Road, by Keir Smith (1986)
  7. Searcher, by Sophie Ryder (1988)
  8. In Situ, by Erika Tan (2003)
  9. Grove of Silence, by Ian Hamilton Finlay (1986)
  10. Cone & Vessel, by Peter Randall-Page (1988)
  11. Hill33, by David Cotterrell (2010)
  12. House, by Miles Davies (1988)
  13. Threshold, by Natasha Rosling (2019)
  14. Coal Measure Giants, by Henry Castle (2016)
  15. Echo, by Annie Cattrell (2008)
  16. Cathedral, by Kevin Atherton (1986)
  17. Hanging Fire, by Cornelia Parker (1988)
  18. Gathering, by Julian Wild (2023)

You may come across some temporary or decommissioned sculptures on the trail which aren’t marked on the map. Check the Sculpture Trust website for more information.

Audio descriptions of each sculpture are available to download here.

Trail information

Beechenhurst, Speech House Road, Coleford, GL16 7EL
Sculpture Trail leaflet available at the café for £1.
Some sculptures can be accessed with a power assisted wheelchair.
Grade - Moderate
Trail Length
Full trail = 4.8 miles (7.7 km). Shortcut options are signposted.