3 ways to keep the forest alive in the classroom after half-term

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Keeping the forest alive in the classroom after half-term

Have you been enjoying autumn walks surrounded by colour, warming sun and the cooling temperatures? Half-term may be coming to a close but there are many ways to keep the sights, smells, tranquility and adventures of the forest alive in your classroom.

From guided yoga sessions to downloadable autumn activities - we hope you will find these forest inspired resources useful as you prepare for the second half of term.

1. Go on a yoga adventure with your students

Forests can be a place to escape and rejuvenate. Forest yoga brings in the sounds and imagery of the forest, enhancing its restorative qualities.

If you enjoyed our yoga for teachers, why not take your KS2 class on this 12 minute woodland adventure with Karen and Luna the dog? Stretch and balance with some forest animal inspired yoga moves and come away feeling calm and relaxed.

2. Go on an audio-guided walk through the woods 

Diving into an audio journey can help us to re-connect with ourselves when we are feeling tired or over-stimulated. If you enjoyed our previous guided forest meditation for teachers, you might enjoy taking your class on this forest audio adventure, with sound by Kyle Gormley music. 

Listen to it together at the start of your lesson to calm and focus your class. Or download this complimentary activity sheet (with teacher's notes) for a 40 minute session - ideal for KS2 but adaptable for younger children too.

Autumn Westonbirt

3. Get seasonal with our autumn activity sheets

If you are stuck for ideas and want to share some outdoor activities with your class, download our awesome autumn activity pack. You'll find lots of activities to bring the sights, sounds and smells of the forest to life for KS2 and 3.

Or invite your class to capture the furnace of colours around them with our seasonal colouring sheets

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