The expert's guide to choosing the right Christmas tree

Christmas trees in the forest

How to choose the right Christmas tree

Which type of Christmas tree is right for you? Choosing one is easy when you know how. Read the expert's guide below and pick a side. Will you be team lodgepole pine, Nordmann fir, or Norway spruce?

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce

The Norway spruce is the traditional Christmas tree

  • A wonderful shape with an abundance of branches that are great for hanging lots of decorations
  • A lovely ‘Christmassy’ scent that fills any room with festive cheer
  • A little sharp and spiky to touch

Top tip: It’s best to buy your Norway spruce nearer to Christmas, as it can lose its needles quite quickly once brought indoors. To help your spruce retain its needles for longer, keep it away from the radiator and ensure it's watered every day.

The Nordmann fir is the most popular Christmas tree in Europe

  • An even shape with soft foliage, making it a joy to decorate
  • Glossy, dark green needles that have a whitish and light blue underside
  • Strong branches, which are great for hanging those big glass decorations

Top tip: If you suffer from allergies, the Nordmann fir is a mighty fine choice. The needles have the added barrier of a thick waxy coating. 

Nordmann Fir

Nordmann Fir


Lodgepole Pine

The lodgepole pine loves big spaces with high ceilings 

  • A bushy appearance and luscious long green needles
  • A beautiful display of branches that point upwards
  • That wonderful pine scent
  • A long lasting tree that holds onto its needles

Top tip: You might get lucky this Christmas when at your local Tree Shop, as lodgepole pines can come with some pine cones still on them. No need to splash the cash on new decorations!

Whichever Christmas tree you choose, make sure you're getting a high quality product. Forestry England trees provide:

  • Experience: Buying a tree is an adventure. Rejuvenate your senses with the sights, sounds and smells of the surrounding forest. 
  • Quality: We only select the highest-quality, British-grown Christmas trees.
  • Expertise: With 100 years of forestry experience, our experts can help you choose the right tree for your home.
  • Support: The money raised from your Christmas tree helps us maintain the forests for people, wildlife and timber. 

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