School visits to Chambers Farm Wood

Uncover the secrets of Chambers Farm Wood with your class

Chambers Farm Wood offers a fantastic learning opportunity for people of all ages and abilities, combining hands-on education with ideas for active minds.

A classroom with no walls

The living, breathing forest is a versatile learning space, with room to think and space to explore. 

Plan sensory exploration or wildlife and habitat spotting with younger children. Older children can see how ecosystems work, undertake field studies or explore the science behind the tree lifecycle.  

Learning in a forest is also a practical way to immerse your class in a range of subjects. Spark students' imagination by delivering a lesson on any topic, using the setting as inspiration.

Discover sustainable forest management in action

We grow, shape and care for forests, managing landscapes for people, wildlife and timber production.

At Chambers Farm Wood, you'll see what sustainable forest management is, and why it's so important, through hands-on activities.

How to visit Chambers Farm Wood as a class

A girl in a yellow coat with an adult male is looking at a leafy twig in her hands

Everything you need to know about organising a class trip to Chambers Farm Wood.

A group of children kneels on the grass with a uniformed ranger, looking at something is his hand.

Our learning partner, Silverback Bushcraft, offers a range of fun, educational sessions at Chambers Farm Wood.