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New applications for activities or events (single, multiple, or annual) are now being considered and processed where resources allow. - Read our guidance here

Find out how to apply for a permission to run an event or an activity in the New Forest

New applications for activities or events (single, multiple, or annual) are currently  being considered and processed where resources allow. As a responsible land manager, we need to be confident that any activity can be delivered safely alongside other activities and with other visitors to our forests. Where this is not the case, then that activity will not be able to proceed.

Many recreational activities are unfortunately in breach of Forestry Commission Byelaws and we sometimes have to decline requests, or apply certain restrictions to events.

Examples of events or activities that require our permission include: organised cycling, running or walks, charity events, photography or filming, orienteering, training exercises and many, many more.

A place for everyone to enjoy

As land managers of the New Forest Crown lands we aim to balance the needs of people, nature and business, and ensure that the public are able to enjoy the forest in the most appropriate way.

Permission requests are assessed against conservation and ecology requirements and the needs of other forest users – all set in the context of a working forest.

Through good planning and a permit system events and activities are checked to ensure they don’t clash with anything else occurring on the Forest, for example timber operations, or other events; and that proposed locations and routes avoid sensitive wildlife habitats and don’t cause damage to features of historic interest.