We are not currently recruiting.

What can I do?

Volunteer Rangers

Volunteer Rangers play an integral role in helping to conserve wildlife and habitats while enhancing visitor enjoyment. The duties undertaken by volunteer rangers include leading and helping with events, assisting visitors in the New Forest and providing valuable support to our ranger and keeper teams. Every duty as a Volunteer Ranger is different. In spring and summer months Volunteer Rangers can be found attending public events such as the New Forest Show, patrolling the forest in our dedicated Volunteer Ranger van,  leading guided walks and providing information to the public at our busy Bolderwood Information Unit.

In autumn and winter months Volunteer Rangers work closely with our other volunteer group-the Two Trees Conservation team and New Forest Keepers. Together we carry out a full programme of conservation tasks such as clearing edges of woodland tracks to improve butterfly habitats and removal of seeding pines from the heathlands, to provide good habitat for birds such as the rare Dartford Warbler. There are also opportunities to assist with public engagement at the Drifts – the New Forest pony round ups, become a Conservation Leader to lead conservation tasks and be involved in survey work.

Two Trees Conservation Team 

The Two Trees Conservation Team (TTCT) provides an excellent way to meet new people whilst helping conserve the New Forest. Conservation tasks involve lots of fresh air and exercise plus the opportunity to socialise with others who have a similar love of the area. Work may involve getting rid of scrub in ponds to help toads and newts or clearing small trees from ride edges for butterflies and insects. TTCT conservation tasks take place during the winter months across weekdays and weekends. 

Events are led by experienced Volunteer Rangers who work closely with the New Forest Keepers. In autumn and winter months we carry out a full programme of conservation tasks such as clearing edges of woodland tracks to improve butterfly habitats and removal of seeding pines from the heathlands, to provide good habitat for birds such as the rare Dartford Warbler. Summer tasks concentrate on the removal of invasive non-native plant species.

Tasks occur on both weekdays and weekends starting at 10am and generally finishing around 3pm, depending on weather. 

How to get involved

We welcome anyone who has a passion for the forest, who is happy to participate in practical conservation tasks, and are over 18 years old. You will need to be able to get to and from duty points.  If you are interested in joining the Two Trees Conservation team, please contact us. We will then get you registered on the system and send details of conservation tasks out to you, along with instructions on how to book.  


We are not currently recruiting for Volunteer Rangers or the Two Trees Conservation Team.

Shadow Volunteer scheme 

We're looking for individuals interested in a career in forestry to apply for our Shadow Volunteer scheme. 

Taking place in the nation’s forests across England, Shadow Volunteers will be given training, experience and development opportunities by work shadowing Forestry England staff.  The scheme runs for six months, one to three days a week.

Find out more about the opportunities available and how to apply.