No barbecues or fires in the New Forest

Wildfires have the potential to completely devastate and destroy – as we saw in nearby Wareham Forest two years ago in a fire believed to have been started by disposable BBQs that blazed for 2 weeks. Help us stop it from happening here and keep the New Forest safe for everyone.

Most wildfires are caused by small fires in the open that spread, combined with a sustained period of hot, dry weather. One careless action could impact the environment for decades to come.

Please help us to protect this special landscape.

The New Forest is a no BBQ and fire zone. BBQs, including disposable ones, campfires or fires of any kind are not permitted in car parks or other areas of the forest. Protecting the New Forest from the risk of wildfires is everyone’s responsibility..

What do I do if I see a fire or BBQ?

  • if you see a fire, get to a safe place and call 999immediately.
  • to report the use of a  BBQ or other naked flame call 0300 067 4600 (24 hrs). The call handler will pass the details to our Duty Officer.

How do you enforce the fire ban?

We have removed all our BBQ stands and facilities in the New Forest and have put highly visible signage at these and other locations across the Forest to make people aware of the ban. We also have prominent no BBQ signs at most of our car parks including at the entrances when people arrive.

We carry out joint patrols with local partners including Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service across the Forest.

Through these and a series of other measures, we work hard to ensure as many people as possible are aware of and observe the ban.

Can I still use cooking facilities within a campervan in the forest?

Disposable BBQs are not permitted anywhere in the New Forest Crown Lands and this includes use within or close to vehicles. Facilities withinthe campervan itself, such as inbuilt gas stoves, can be used for cooking but these must not extend outside of the vehicle. All waste materials must be taken away to be disposed and not left on the Forest or within car parks.

Can BBQs be used at the official Camping In The Forest sites in the New Forest?

Only BBQ’s and stoves that are raised off the ground can be used on official campsites within the heart of the New Forest (those operated by Camping New Forest – Aldridge, Ashurst, Denny Wood, Hollands Wood, Holmsley, Longbeech, Ocknell, Roundhills, and Setthorns). These are managed and patrolled areas and have a series of fire measures in place including metal containers for hot coals to ensure their correct and safe disposal, water points and fire-fighting equipment, and regular patrols by campsite staff.

Disposable BBQs are not permitted at these locations in line with the rest of the New Forest Crown lands. These campsites have Camping New Forest staff onsite at all times and local staff raise the profile of safety messages.