The nation's forests and essential facilities are open, but please follow government coronavirus guidelines when planning your visit - read our coronavirus guidance.

Please help us to protect this special landscape.

Wildfires have the potential to completely devastate and destroy – as we saw in nearby Wareham Forest last year in a fire believed to have been started by disposable BBQs that blazed for 2 weeks – help us STOP it from happening here and keep the New Forest safe for everyone. Most wildfires are caused by small fires in the open that spread, combined with a sustained period of hot, dry weather. The careless actions of people not correctly respecting the countryside code could impact the environment for decades to come.

To help prevent dangerous forest fires, the New Forest is now a no BBQ and fire zone – BBQs and campfires are no longer permitted in car parks or other areas of the forest managed by Forestry England and all BBQ facilities have been removed at our sites. Protecting the New Forest from the risk of wildfires is everyone’s responsibility.

What actions will you take if you find people using BBQs on the Forest? How will you enforce the rule?
We have removed all our BBQ stands and facilities in the New Forest and will be putting in place highly visible signage at these and other locations across the Forest to make people aware of the ban. We also have no BBQ signs at most of our car parks including at the entrances when people arrive.

Last year, joint patrols supported by Forestry England, The New Forest National Park Authority and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service teams were carried out across the Forest. These particularly focussed on hotspots, at peak times and when the weather was good. On just one weekend during the summer these teams spoke to hundreds of people and put out over 60 BBQs. We will be carrying out these joint patrols again this year and working hard to ensure as many people as possible are aware of, and observe the ban.

Can I still use cooking facilities within a campervan in the forest?
Yes, but this must not include disposable BBQs and all waste materials must be taken away to be disposed and not left on the Forest or within car parks.