Tree felling machines are operating in Setmurthy to clear storm damage and thin the forest on the south facing slopes. Please follow all signage and avoid the south side of the forest, including unauthorised bike trails in this area, for safety reasons.

Visitor information

Explore Setmurthy, a beautiful woodland close to the market town of Cockermouth

It is enjoyed by walkers, runners, horse riders, schools and nature enthusiasts.

Please note: there is a network of unofficial mountain bike trails at Setmurthy that Forestry England does not endorse.

At a glance

  • Walking trails
  • Horse riding 
  • Dogs welcome

Things to do

Setmurthy offers an enjoyable gravel forest road link, to and from the bridleway between Cockermouth and Isel. There are no waymarked trails.

The forest roads can be accessed at a...

Walking is the perfect way to get some fresh air and explore some of the area's most beautiful landscapes.

Setmurthy offers a network of forest roads and permissive paths through...

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