Picnic table in forest

The very best summer picnic spots

Looking for picnic spots near you?

The nation’s forests are a patchwork of glorious landscapes. From babbling brooks to quaint open heathland and lofty crags, you’re bound to find a lunch spot unlike any other.

Find your nearest location with our handy regional picnic spot guide. Plan your visit to enjoy the summer season surrounded by the very best nature has to offer.

Find your nearest picnic spots

Mother and baby having lunch at picnic table
30 June 2021
Here are the perfect spots for a socially distanced picnic in the North East this summer.
Picnic table surrounded by trees
09 July 2021
The sounds and sights of summer await you at one of these fantastic picnic spots in the North West.
Mother and two children grinning while eating a picnic on a cluttered bench
01 July 2021
Butter the bread and grab the sausage rolls, the Bristish summertime is here and we're itching to get out for a picnic in the Midlands.
Picnic Bench in the Forest
06 July 2021
Dust off your picnic blanket, slap on the sunscreen and head down to these stunning picnic spots near you in South East this summer.  
Grassy meadow surrounded by conifer trees
12 July 2021
Eat delicious lunch rolls surrounded by rolling hills and towering trees on a picnic in the South of England.
Wakerley picnic bench
02 July 2020
Dust off the chequered blanket and dig out the napkins. Here are the perfect spots for a socially distanced picnic in the South West this summer.

You are welcome to hire our barbecues where you can, but to prevent forest fires and reduce waste, please do not bring any other barbecues into our forests.

First time visiting a forest? Make sure you follow the forest code and leave the landscape as you found it!

Looking for shade after lunch?

Bristol Suspension Bridge - Avon Gorge
07 June 2019
Looking for some shaded forests to explore near you in Bristol? Look no further in your quest for shaded woodlands, we’ve got the ultimate guide to beating the Bristol city heat. With the climate tragically heating up, we’ve got a number of increasingly hot summers ahead. Cities become significantly warmer than surrounding rural areas due to the ‘urban heat island effect’, so escape Bristol and find a secret spot under the trees of a nearby woodland.  No need to reach for your car keys - you can reach forests near Bristol by bike or bus and do your bit for the planet! 
Open space with trees
26 June 2019
Beat the heat | Top spots near London to cool down this summer
Blakemere lake with leaves from trees around the edge of the picture
22 July 2019
Escape the city heat with one of our top spots near Manchester
The Angel of the North sculpture with blue skies
23 July 2019
Escape the city this summer with a shady forest walk