Accessible Admission Tickets - Westonbirt Arboretum

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Accessible Admission Tickets

Accessible Admission Tickets permit flexible entry to the arboretum between 9:00am and 4:00pm. These tickets are available for visitors with accessibility needs that may find arriving at Westonbirt within a fixed time slot prohibitive.

To be able to book Accessible Admission Tickets, initially you will need to register your requirement for these tickets by contacting our Customer Relations team on 0300 068 0400 or (Mon – Fri, 9:00am – 5:00pm). Whilst we aim to register your request as soon as possible, please allow up to three working days for your registration to be processed.

Once registered, you can pre- book Accessible Admission Tickets up to seven days in advance online here:  Accessible Admission. Please note you will need to sign into your account to be able to book these tickets.

We understand that circumstances change, and this may sometimes require a change of plan. If you are no longer able to visit, there will not be a penalty for unused Accessible Admission Tickets. Please contact our Customer Relations team using the details above to discuss your options.

We hope this alleviates any concerns associated with a fixed arrival time-slot and will offer the flexibility required to support your visit.

Planning your visit

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Please email our Customer Relations team or call 0300 068 0400 (Mon – Fri, 9:00am – 5:00pm) to discuss your registration.

A young boy sits on his fathers shoulders. His mum walks beside them holding a baby.

Pre-booking is available up to seven days in advance. You must be registered and logged in to gain access to Accessible Admission Tickets.

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We have a complimentary ticket policy for personal carers. Carers are able to sign up for Accessible Admission Tickets to book on behalf of someone else.

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Book online with your tickets. Scooters must be returned by 4:00pm. You must be 16 or over to operate a scooter. Manual wheelchairs can be hired for visitors aged 15 and under.

Access Westonbirt

For more information and to help you plan your visit, please read our full access statement.

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A booklet full of photos and short descriptions that might help in planning a visit to Westonbirt Arboretum.

Access Westonbirt

Accessible toilets available at Welcome Building and central area. Westonbirt has a Changing Places facility by the Great Oak Hall.

Westonbirt Shuttle Bus

Designed to help those who need a little extra help getting from the Welcome Building up to the restaurant, shop, and edge of the Old Arboretum. Runs Apr - Oct.