Mobility Scooter - Important Information 

Revised December 2022        

We offer Mobility Scooters free of charge that can be pre-booked online. Mobility scooters are technical tools and, although they are relatively easy to use, they do require a level of strength and ability, and a need to be able to be driven without assistance. We do have other options available for your visit if you don’t think a mobility scooter is right for you, such as our manual wheelchairs, or mountain trike.  

You will be given full instructions on how to use the scooter on arrival.  You will be required to demonstrate your understanding and competence in operating the scooter without assistance. In the interests of providing a good experience to all our visitors, we reserve the right to refuse a scooter, if we believe it is not the right option for you.

You must be aged 16 or over to hire a scooter. Manual wheelchairs can be hired for visitors aged 15 and under.

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