Window on Westonbirt

What's looking good

Our Window on Westonbirt Volunteers have explored the arboretum this week to inform our visitors of the following not to be missed seasonal highlights.

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Delicate pink berries hanging from a thin set of branches against pale green leaves.


There are lovely fruits to be found at the arboretum this week. You'll notice the bright berries of rowan trees across the site, but particular favourites of ours include the striking pink of the Mountain ash, Sorbus pseudohupehensis just behind the Great Oak Hall, and the glorious scarlet of Sargent's rowan, Sorbus sargentiana between Loop Walk and Morley Ride.

Map grid ref: 18G, 19M, 21E


Also look out for the clear blue fruit of the Sapphire-berry, Symplocos panniculata along Main Drive.

Map grid ref: 17F

small bunches of purple berries sit among light green leaves on a branch
A spiky shrub with small tubular, pink-white flowers of the Crucifixion thorn

Crucifixion thorn

There are still flowers to be found, among them those of the Crucifixion thorn on Loop Walk, Colletia hystrix 'Rosea' a spiky shrub with small tubular, pink-white flowers which are also delicately-scented.

Map grid ref: 25C