Please note the half marathon running route is currently closed due to forestry works. - Explore alternative routes here

Running trails at Whinlatter Forest

Stunning scenery, a higher calorie burn, and increased mental well-being are just a few things to look forward to when you run in England's only true mountain forest.

Supported by Sport England and using National Lottery funding, the 5km and 10km marked trails here at Whinlatter make running through the forest more accessible, so you can feel confident to just hit the trails and enjoy all the benefits of being active outdoors.

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Running trails at Whinlatter

Runners on a woodland trail
10km running route
Whinlatter 5km running trail
2.5km and 4km running route
Adults running along forest path
Half marathon running route
Whinlatter park run start
parkrun at Whinlatter
Running on a dog friendly trail
Pink 5km running route
Running on forest trail
Run Club at Whinlatter Forest
A group of seven runners on a hillside path
Turquoise 5km running route