Bacton Wood

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Enjoy the natural beauty of North Norfolk at Bacton Wood

Located just east of North Walsham, Bacton Wood - also known as Witton Wood - is perfect for a day out with nature on foot or by bicycle.

Managed sustainably for people, wildlife and timber, there are over 30 species of tree in Bacton Wood, including Beech, Scots and Corsican Pine, Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Larch and veteran Sessile Oaks.

Visit safely

Throughout the year, Bacton Wood hosts various recreational events. Please take note of any marshals and safety signage in place when you visit.

At a glance

  • Walking trail
  • Horse riding
  • Dogs welcome

Things to do

This trail runs along well made tracks with frequent benches.

From a clockwise approach it gradually loses height as it passes conifer and mixed woodland to the pond, and then to the 'grandparent' oak tree. This is followed by a 200m incline to a level walk through Wellintonia trees (also known as Redwoods, the largest living species of tree), mixed woodland and an area recently cleared to encourage native broadleaf woodland.

Nearby forests

Sunlight through Conifers

Part of the Suffolk Coasts and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Dunwich Forest consists of a mixture of coniferous and broadleaved woodland and is accessible from Dunwich village.

The forest links into some wonderful conservation areas of marshland and wetland and is great for walkers.

Horse riders are also welcome in the forest. Please be aware that husky training takes place within the northern part of the forest before 10.30am and after 4pm.

Wakerley picnic bench

Great Hockham is the perfect place for an exciting outdoor adventure in a beautiful woodland setting.

A visit to Great Hockham will treat you with views of the unique landscape. See if you can spot the distinctive features, known as pingos, that were formed during the last Ice Age! 

Come and enjoy a picnic in the forest, walk amongst the trees on a choice of two waymarked trails or treat your four-legged friend to a forest visit. 


Thetford Forest at sunset

Located within the Thetford Forest district, Harling Woods - also known as Thorpe Forest - offers great opportunities to get outdoors and escape to nature.

With open access to a range of paths and trails, a Forest Holiday site and endless woodland to explore, Harling Wood is a great place for a day out.

Visit safely

Throughout the year, various recreational events are held in the woodland. Please take note of any marshals and safety signage in place when you visit.

Desert Rats memorial at High Ash in Thetford forest

Located near Mundford in Thetford, you won't miss the Cromwell tank that marks the entrance to the forest. A must-see site for those interested in history, this tank is a memorial to the 7th Armoured Division, known as the Desert Rats, who were based here during World War II. 

Learn about High Ash's interesting historic background on the Desert Rats trail, which includes interpretation boards.

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