Boughton Brake

Visitor information

Explore the winding footpaths and beautiful views of Boughton Brake, near Mansfield.

Boughton Brake is a great place to explore, with an extensive network of paths and tracks. There are also plenty of benches located throughout the wood where you can stop for a rest and take in the natural beauty.

If you feel up for a challenge, check out the orienteering course.

The wood is not suitable for horse riding but a bridleway does run along the eastern side of the wood and can be used to get from Walesby to Boughton.

At a glance

  • Walking trails
  • Cycling 
  • Orienteering
  • Dog walking

Things to do

Cycling is a fantastic way to explore Boughton Brake. Explore the woodland by bike on multi-user paths and soak up the beautiful scenery.

Try your hand at orienteering, a map reading challenge for all levels.

The aim for everyone is to navigate between control points marked on an orienteering map. If you are a little more competitive the challenge is to complete the course in the quickest time.

Walking in the woodland is the perfect way to get some fresh air and explore some of the area's most beautiful landscapes.

A surfaced trail network is located in the south of the wood taking in the pond and part of the beech avenue. If you are a more adventurous walker, you may come across the red pond too!

Nearby forests

Views from Ollerton Pit Woods, Nottinghamshire

Once a former colliery site, Ollerton Pit Wood now boasts a wild strawberry walk, nesting water birds and a whole host of thriving wildlife and different plant species. Enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding area and depending on the time of year you visit, you may see butterflies and dragonflies while flower lovers can expect to enjoy bee orchids and birds foot trefoil.

Ancient Oak Tree

With an extensive path network, varied history and special wildlife to discover, Birklands, near Edwinstowe, is a fantastic place to explore. You can access Birklands via the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre

Wildlife to spot

Nightjars, glow worms and thousands of other species rely on the unique habitat of Birklands, so bring your binoculars and a sharp eye - who knows what you’ll see!

Shirebrook Wood on a winter morning

With its mixture of mature broadleaf woodland, newly planted trees, large open meadows and a scenic wetland valley, Shirebrook Wood offers something for everybody. 

This reclaimed colliery site provides home to a variety of wildlife including songbirds, small mammals and plenty of butterflies. On a warm summer’s day you may even be lucky enough to spot the Dingy Skipper butterfly as you explore the wood! 

Leaves turning orange at the start of autumn

Located near the villages of Blidworth and Rainworth, Boundary Wood is a young woodland with newly planted broad-leaved areas as well as conifers that tower above a beautiful wild-flower meadow. 

Wander the range of surfaced paths that criss-cross through the wood, or explore the SUSTRANS national cycle route that passes through, connecting you to Sherwood Pines in the north or Haywood Oaks in the south. 

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