Arts at Dalby Forest

Discover a range of contemporary installations, arts and experiences all in the great Yorkshire forest.

Dalby Forest has hosted artists for many years, providing a place to create unique pieces, inspired by the stories of the forest and its naturally distinctive qualities and landscape. The arts are dotted throughout the forest, to tell each story in a purposefully selected location, bringing the forest and the art to life.

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Our contemporary arts offer includes workshops, exhibitions and installations all year round. To find out the latest about arts in Forestry England, sign up to our arts newsletter.

Arts Award

Arts Award develops a young person’s creativity, communication and leadership skills and is a nationally recognised qualification. It has five levels: Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold. As part of the Dalby Forest Arts Programme you can use the following log books to achieve your Discover and Explore Arts Awards.


Discover Arts Award Log Book
Explore Arts Award Log Book

Enjoy the arts safely

  • Some of the artworks are situated near walking and cycling tracks. Take care when approaching.
  • This is a working forest, so please adhere to any safety information displayed.
  • Please don’t climb on any of the artworks.


The placement of most of our artworks makes them accessible, although some can be best viewed from a slight distance. Speak to the staff at the Visitor Centre before heading into the forest.

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Why what3words?

What3words was created to provide a more accurate location service. They have divided the world into 3 metre squares with each square represented by 3 words. For example 'Dragonfly' by Peter Maris and Ann Sotheran uses the 3 words: shocked.remotes.trackers.

These words can be used online or in the what3words app to give you the exact location of the artwork in the forest. Traditionally relying on landmarks and signs can often lead to confusion or misdirection, so this method of navigation works great in rural areas such as Dalby Forest.

Arts at Dalby Forest

A rabbit warren with porcelain rabbit sculptures within.
Custodians at Dalby Forest
3 wire deer sculptures in a field
Deer at Dalby Forest
A mental and glass sculpture of a dragonfly wing
Dragonfly at Dalby Forest
Painted Forest Eye from sky
Forest Eye at Dalby Forest
Grandfather Oak wooden sculpture carving
Grandfather Oak and the Curious Forest at Dalby Forest
Nissen Hut sculpture through the trees
Nissen Hut at Dalby Forest
A rusted metal sculpture of two female foresters working on a tree.
Pull Don’t Push at Dalby Forest
A conifer forest with reciprocity images of sycamore leaves overlaid
Reciprocity Forest at Dalby Forest
William of Dalby carved wooden sculpture
William de Dalby at Dalby Forest
A stone carving of the Winged Sheep by Fiona Bowley
Winged Sheep at Dalby Forest