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Growing the future 2021- 26

We believe in the positive, long-term impact that forests can have on people’s lives, England’s biodiversity, a thriving green economy and our response to the climate emergency
Mike Seddon - Forestry England Chief Executive

Growing our future

The nation’s forests are astonishing. They flourish because of the careful planning and expert management by Forestry England staff, volunteers and partners. The nation’s forests are a vital source of sustainable timber, to support jobs and industry, a home for wildlife to thrive and a place for people to connect with nature and enjoy themselves. We are experts in bringing people and forests together and this relationship with nature is even more essential since the pandemic.

The nation’s forests continue to evolve and adapt to the demands and needs of society. Our response to the wildlife crisis, the changing climate and people’s connection to nature will define the next five years.

We envision that with this plan, by 2026, we will have grown and protected the living treasures that are England’s forests.  

Our plan

The expertise, professionalism and passion of our people make us an outstanding organisation. Growing on the success of the last 100 years, we continue to build our exceptional reputation for sustainable land management. We will evolve, innovate and grow the vast benefits the nation’s forests give to people, nature and the economy.

This plan builds on our expert land management, timber production and recreation offer, and identifies our priorities for the next five years.

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The nation’s forests help us to respond to today's challenges. 

As sustainable, productive forests they are fundamental as we confront the climate emergency, tackle the nature crisis and support people's health and wellbeing. 

We underpin the incredible benefits the forests provide with our forestry expertise and high-quality partnerships, which are at the heart of everything we do. We know that a prosperous forestry industry means a thriving green economy where our certified forest and land management propels a vibrant forest culture we are proud of.

This plan sets out our priorities and our five-year framework to achieve more, now and for future generations.

We must act now.

For wildlife

Nature is in crisis. The UK has lost more biodiversity than most other countries in the world, being ranked 189 of 218 countries assessed on a Biodiversity Intactness Index. The recent UK State of Nature report showed that 13% of species are at immediate risk of extinction. 

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For people

Energising, restoring and supporting mental and physical wellbeing, time outdoors is a necessity for all. We are always learning more about the positive effects of being in nature for everyone.

For the climate

We are facing a climate emergency. The nation’s forests are critical for reducing the causes and mitigating the impacts of climate change. We see those impacts today at landscape scale in the resilience of forests, trees and land management.

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For over 100 years, we have been growing, shaping and caring for over 1,500 of our nation’s forests for the benefit and enjoyment of all, for this generation and the next.