Hay Wood

Visitor information

Located near Baddesley Clinton, escape to Hay Wood for your next forest adventure

Whether walking or riding, Hay Wood is the perfect place to get away from it all and relax.

As a peaceful ancient woodland site there is a great diversity of wildlife to look out for; foxgloves, bluebells, birds, butterflies, rabbits and Muntjac deer are just a few you could encounter.


Things to do

Explore the stunning scenery of Hay Wood on horseback.

A bridleway runs through the centre of Hay Wood. They are waymarked via Warwickshire County Council's Bridleway Disks. We politely ask that riders stick to the bridleway.

The bridleway runs through Hay Wood from Hay Wood Lane in the west to Wood Corner Farm, Wroxall in the east. Riders will have to pass through 2 gates at the west and 1 gate at the east. Please see the local OS maps for more details.

No permit is needed to ride at Hay Wood. 

For more information on our facilities, opening times and contact details, please see our visitor information.

Walking at Hay Wood is the perfect way to get some fresh air and explore some of the area's most beautiful landscapes.

Hay Wood has a range of public paths that are ideal for walking, jogging and dog walks.

Please note: The trails in this forest are not waymarked so we recommend using an OS map.


Nearby forests

Bluebells in the forest

Oversley Wood is bursting with wonderful wildflowers. In spring, discover a carpet of bluebells that cover the woodland floor and in autumn, take in the rich colour of the ancient trees, it's a treat for your eyes throughout the year! Interesting flora can also be found along the wide paths and there is an ancient coppice in the heart of the wood, making for a great wildlife spot.

Overgrown beech woodland

Arley Wood provides a quiet setting for a pleasant woodland walk in the Warwickshire countryside. 

The wood is part of a PAWS (planted ancient woodland site) restoration project, which means that it will become a native broadleaf woodland once again.

River severn

Situated near the banks of the River Severn, to the north of Worcester, Shrawley Wood is peaceful and picturesque.

Known locally as ‘Bluebell Wood’ it unsurprisingly, has a fantastic showing of bluebells and other spring wildflowers - it is a real treat to visit in April or May.

Sun shining through trees with bracken and grass covered in dew

Planted in 2002, this community woodland is the perfect spot for a family walk, a burst of exercise and even a picnic. It's also a great place to find some peace and quiet and re-set from the stresses of daily life. 

Seale Wood is developing into a working coppice woodland, with a goal to encourage the development of a local timber industry. 


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