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Located five miles west of Wareham, Hethfelton Wood lies at the core of the Dorset Heaths. There’s a mixture of conifer woodland, some broadleaf trees and lowland heathland.

It’s a favourite spot for many birds, one of the reasons that much of the area is a Special Protection Area for birds. Forestry England’s ongoing program of managing the forest provides the right habitat for breeding nightjar, Dartford warbler and woodlark. Also, Hen Harrier and Merlin are regularly spotted here.

Hethfelton Wood covers a total area of 157 hectares and straddles the ridge between the river valleys of the Piddle to the north and Frome to the south. The woodland rises from an altitude of 20 metres above sea level on its southern boundary to 55 metres above sea level on the ridge top in the northwest corner.

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Walking in Hethfelton Wood is the perfect way to get some fresh air and explore some of the area's most beautiful landscapes.

Hethfelton Wood has a range of paths that run through the area. 

Nearby forests

Generic woodland

Wareham Forest is a great place to explore and discover the famous heaths and woods of the Dorset countryside.

Many miles of tracks take you through beautiful and ancient landscapes, where if you are lucky, you’ll see some of its special wildlife. The cycle trail takes its names from the famous Sika deer and the walking trail is named after the rare ground-nesting birds, Woodlarks, who's lovely song you may hear on your walk.

Woman in woodland

Comprising of mainly coniferous trees, Moreton Forest is located to the west of Poole.

Explore the varied scenery on the interesting public trails that run through Moreton Forest.

We advise visitors, particularly dog walkers, to keep their dogs under close control at all times and keep a safe distance from the livestock that graze here.

sunlight through conifers along woodland path

Situated to the east of Puddletown, Affpuddle offers an interesting landscape of both forest and heathland as well as views across the Purbeck Hills.

Popular with local dog walkers, the forest can be explored on its open paths and bridleways. 


Autumnal forest

We are the tenant of Puddletown Forest, located near Dorchester. It's leased to us for the purpose of growing timber and public access to the area is restricted to public rights of way only.

People can walk or cycle along the public rights of way and rediscover the beauty of the conifer tree without having to abandon any love of the broadleaf, as here they exist harmoniously side by side, branches softly creaking in the wind together.

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