Knightwood Oak

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Peace, tranquility and a great spot for a picnic whilst exploring the 500 year old Knightwood Oak

Knightwood Oak is a great place to stop and enjoy a picnic, 'away from it all' and try to imagine what it would have been like over 500 years ago when the famous Knightwood Oak tree began to grow.

The Knightwood Oak is the largest oak in the New Forest, at 7.4m girth, and surely one of the oldest. 

It is still going strong today and is a spectacular example of the ancient art of 'pollarding', the traditional way of harvesting wood without killing the tree. This living monument became a tree to find in Victorian times and acquired the title "Queen of the Forest". It has featured on maps since this time.

At a glance

Nearest toilet facilities are at Bolderwood car park (SO43 7GE) 
17/05/2022 13:06

Things to do

Take a short stroll from Knightwood car park, across the road to see the most famous tree in the New Forest. Believed to have been planted in 1600, this tree is still going strong...

Enjoy a tasty treat in the forest, just bring along good food and company!

Please note there are no picnic tables on site, however visitors are welcome to bring blankets and pitch...

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Enjoy the stunning views of the heathland and trees beyond. This is an ideal spot for all the family with good waymarked walking trail that pass by the nearby Ober Water stream.

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