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Forest visits and free resources

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Forest visits

We’re delighted to welcome school and group visits to the nation's forests. Find your local forest to see what type of educational visit they offer. You need to book in advance before visiting and your local learning team will support you to plan your perfect visit.

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Ranger in a Bag

Our new resource, Ranger in a Bag, has everything you need for a fun-filled forest adventure - all zipped up in a handy backpack.

Educational resources

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Young girl in yellow coat playing with pine needles on the forest floor
PDF download
05 November 2020
KS2. You may not be able to visit a forest right now but here are some ways you can connect to nature and bring the forest into your classroom.
Woman sat on grass in sunshine in yoga pose
23 October 2020
For teachers. Enjoy a 5 minute guided audio meditation session through a peaceful forest to help you de-stress and relax after a long day.
Children running on muddy forest path in wellies
PDF download
23 October 2020
KS2, KS3. Bring your class together with 2 simple activities that encourage students to discuss their dreams and hopes for the future.
Two boys look closely at the leaves on a tree
PDF download
23 October 2020
KS2 and KS3. Three simple 30 minute activities that connect children to nature and inspires some creative writing.
A view looking up on the Tall Trees Trail
PDF download
16 October 2020
KS2, KS3. An adaptable activity that uses trees as a way to think about our lives and all the wonderful things in them.
Tree Explorer activity pack
PDF download
16 October 2020
KS1, KS2. Introduce young children to 3 different forestry related careers with this fun activity pack.
Deer True or False activity
PDF download
16 October 2020
KS1, KS2. A fun, interactive game that will get your class active whilst learning about British deer.
Bluebells True or False activity sheets
PDF download
16 October 2020
KS1, KS2. A fun, interactive game that will get your class active whilst learning about this enchanting flower.

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