Climate change education resources for teachers

Forest of Dean River Landscape

Climate change education resources for teachers

Using our climate change resources

Welcome to our one stop shop for secondary teachers looking for ideas and information on how trees and forests can play an important role in combating climate change and the biodiversity crisis.

This page provides an introduction to forestry and climate change. Scroll to the bottom to find topic based resources, packed with information and tasks for students to complete.

All our activities are relevant to student’s everyday lives and are designed to provoke discussion, inspiring and encouraging students to take action. We can all make a difference no matter how small.

What is climate change?

Use this great factsheet designed by the UK Climate Change Committee to recap your students on climate change.

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Climate change and sustainable forestry

Watch the short film above with your students as an introduction to the work that we do, as we grow alongside climate change.

Trees and forests can play an important part in mitigating climate change which is why the government has pledged to plant 30,000ha (approximately 50 million trees) every year.

However, in order to make sure the trees that are planted grow, thrive and are resilient to climate change, our colleagues at Forest Research have spent years developing climate and ecological classification matching tools to make sure we plant the right trees in the right place.

The Forestry Commission has over 100 years of experience in sustainable forestry and our forest management practices are creating resilient forests that will be better adapted for future climate impacts.

To find out more about our four key responses to climate change read tackling the climate and nature emergency.

Get involved

We are working on more resources to add to those below and are seeking teachers and educators with a particular interest in the outcomes of COP26 to work with us. We are at the start of a journey and would love you to be part of it, as we create more thought provoking and engaging resources for young people. 

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Beech trees
10 August 2021

Cutting carbon emissions. A Climate Change educational resource for teachers.

River and conifer trees
19 August 2021

We depend on trees, yet the threat to their health is increasing. This teachers resource will encourage students to become tree health scientists for the day.

Aerial view of forest in autumn colour with a river running through it
Our climate actions

Healthy forests are vital for a sustainable future. With your support, we're making sure the nation's forests will thrive.

Forest learning and painting activities

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