We are Forestry England

Forests care for us. Together we care for forests.

For over 100 years, we have been growing, shaping and caring for over 1,500 of our nation’s forests for the benefit and enjoyment of all, for this generation and the next.

What we do

With your help and support, we care for more land and trees than any other organisation in England. Shaping landscapes for people, wildlife and timber. We’ve built over 1,800 miles of walking, running and cycling trails, supplying England’s largest amount of sustainably-sourced timber, and conserving the homes of thousands of plants and animals.

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Why we do it

Forests are vital for the future of our planet. They improve the health and wellbeing of everyone and with careful planning and expert management, our forests will continue to thrive. We are always thinking beyond today, planning and planting forests that will help create a sustainable future.

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Flourishing forests

Well-managed forests can last forever. We put sustainability at the heart of our work, planning, growing and harvesting timber in ways that support people, wildlife and the climate.
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Thriving wildlife

We care for some of the most valuable places for wildlife in the country. The nation's forests provide homes for wildlife, on heathlands and bogs as well as woodlands, where over half of England’s rarest species have been found.

Explore our work

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Our climate actions

Healthy forests are vital for a sustainable future. With your support, we're making sure the nation's forests will thrive.

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Adapting forests for the future

We are adapting for the future and planning decades ahead to make sure the nation’s forests will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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Growing the future

Our priorities for the next five years.

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Do you particularly love visiting and want to support your local forest? Below you can choose one of over thirty different forests around England to join and support through...