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Goshawk and two chicks waiting to be fed in nest of twigs
24 May 2019
After being absent from the New Forest for 120 years, there are now over 40 pairs of Goshawks living in the New Forest. Watch the live web cam as they rear their young.
Jane, a volunteer ranger stand in a autumnal woodland
17 May 2019
Jane's story: volunteering in the New Forest
Child on balance bike in Hamsterley Forest
17 May 2019
Grab your helmet and head out to the woods with the family for a beautiful cycle ride.
Man with dog in the forest
09 May 2019
This post was written by Julian, an outdoor enthusiast and dog lover. Julian has found that exploring the forests with his canine companion gives him a chance to connect and strengthen their bond. Learn more about forest wellbeing. Forests and woodlands have always held a special place in my mind and in my heart. As a young child I spent time in the woodlands with my older brother fishing, making dens and fighting hordes of monsters with our active imaginations.  As I grew up forests and woodlands have had a much more significant impact for my health both mentally and physically.
Woman in forest smiling
08 May 2019
This post was written by Ellen, an office worker in Bristol. Ellen has found that her lunchtime walks offer a chance to escape the confines of office life. Learn more about forest wellbeing. Sims Hill Wood is an area of woodland about a two minute walk from my Bristol office. I was introduced to the woodland via a lunchtime walk with a colleague on a hot July day last year, during my first week at work. I remember the shade from the trees - it was a very hot summer. But I also recall how while walking and looking at our surroundings I felt more comfortable, chatting and getting to know my colleagues.
Forest with lakeside path
07 May 2019
Kate explains how a Nordic Walking group in Delamere is making profound changes to her lifestyle. She's found health, companionship and time to admire some glorious surroundings.
Kate Humble against a bluebell woodland backdrop
01 May 2019
Kate Humble & Forestry England are encouraging people to put one foot in front of another and soak up the nation’s forests during mental health awareness week. “Walking for me is a form of mediation, and the simple act of putting one foot in front of another has extraordinary benefits to my mental wellbeing. It helps me feel relaxed, less anxious and more creative. “Walks enjoyed in the nation’s forests can be particularly special. I love to follow trails through the trees where with every step you can enjoy the sounds, sights and smells of nature.  Never knowing what wildlife is going to appear on my pathway makes me excited! There is something so simple about walking but the benefits are huge.” Escape the stresses of everyday life and soak up the spring sunshine on one of Forestry England’s carefully selected top 10 walks for your wellbeing.
Hardknott volunteers Grizedale
12 April 2019
National volunteers week 2019

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