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Cones hanging from tree
19 November 2021
How a Christmas tree favourite is part of an exciting trial for climate resilient forests.
Running on forest trail
02 November 2021
It's time to get off the treadmill and into the forest!
Tree hug sculpture - two grass coloured hands hugging a tree
02 November 2021
Promoting discussion and inspiring students to take action.
Woman walking in frosty winter forest
Stay active this winter
We're bringing you six activities to keep you active and healthy through the winter season.
Children holding acorns
27 September 2021
Everything you need to know to organise a successful teacher-led forest visit. Help overcoming potential barriers to visiting the nation's forests.
Osprey catching fish
16 September 2021
The return of ospreys to Kielder is one of our most exciting and successful conservation stories.
Community trail clean
14 September 2021
Forests care for our mental health, as well as our physical health. As part of our partnership with Trash Free Trails we headed to the Forest of Dean to explore how seeing litter in the forest, and helping to clear it up, makes us feel.
Young child in waterproofs pokes a stick into a log, with holly leaves in foreground.
06 September 2021
Discover five compelling reasons why visiting woodlands with your class should be top of your list.
Young girl in shaun ears reaches into pack
Family fun, free activities, days out and more