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Bedgebury Pinetum Florilegium Society, paintings by Pearl Bostock
04 December 2020
An army of artists volunteer their time to support the important work of Bedgebury, the National Pinetum, by creating botanically accurate drawings of the trees and plants there, from living samples.
Woman walking dog in the forest
01 December 2020
Are you taking part in our #ActiveAdvent on social media? If so, you'll deserve a treat after 24 days of getting moovin' and groovin' on the run-up to Christmas.
Large old tree with forest behind
27 November 2020
We caught up with Adrienne Bennett, our environment and heritage manager for central England, to discover how we are caring for our oldest trees.
close up of juvenile white-tailed eagle
25 November 2020
Read the latest update on the successful second release of white-tailed eagles on the Isle of Wight and find out what last year's cohort are up to.
Woman in denim sitting on bench in the forest, writing in a book
29 October 2020
Half-term may be coming to a close but there are many ways to keep the sights, smells, tranquillity and adventures of the forest alive in your classroom. From guided yoga adventures for students, to downloadable autumn activities - we've got you covered as you prepare for the second half of term at school.
A heathland strip at Ostler's Plantation
26 October 2020
While some of us have continued to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic, many of our staff have continued to work on the forestry frontline. Our dedicated teams were challenged when, in May 2020, large areas of Wareham Forest were destroyed by a ferocious forest fire. This land was home to important wildlife, including rare birds, plants, reptiles and insects.  For two long weeks, fire tore through Wareham Forest. Tackled by over 150 fire fighters, supported by our local team, by the time it was under control it had destroyed over 220 hectares, totalling 15% of this special landscape. We hear from Graham Nottage, Beat Manager in the Dorset Forests team.
Zakiya Mckenzie in the forest
Zakiya Mckenzie's reflections on writing in the forest
Zakiya Mckenzie reflects on being a Forestry England writer in residence.
Autumn in the forest
25 September 2020
Discover waterfalls, spectacular views and brilliant autumn colour in the North East of England this autumn.

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