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Autumn in the forest
06 September 2022
Discover waterfalls, spectacular views and brilliant autumn colour in the North East of England this autumn.
Red squirrel eating a nut
06 September 2022
Clear your mind and feel refreshed by the sights, sounds and smells of the most beautiful season in the forest. Explore the many winding paths of fallen leaves, wildlife and radiant colour in the South of England.
Autumn red orange trees
05 September 2022
Uncover the science behind the changing season, and discover why leaves change colour in this magical season.
Red stag with hinds
01 September 2022
Use our top tips to become a deer detective and get to know these majestic animals.
Georgia Tindley running on a trail
03 August 2022
Have you thought about trail running but not sure where to start?
Woman writing on a notepad in the forest
14 June 2022
Allow yourself the time and space that you need to reflect by taking a therapeutic trip to the forest and practicing mindfulness with our top tips.
10 June 2022
Meet the little things that call the nation’s forests their home.
A white-tailed eagle soaring through the blue sky
07 June 2022
Discover how white-tailed eagles are becoming part of the landscape in this latest update from project officer Steve.
Young girl in shaun ears reaches into pack
Family fun, free activities, days out and more