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Forests are places to seek adventure, make memories and find escape. They are dynamic environments which invite us to explore, play and unwind. Read on to find out how people are finding connection and wellbeing in the forest. 

Sunlight shining through woodland scenery

Virtual reality forests

Discover how we're working with Dorothy House Hospice Care to bring the wellbeing benefits of the forest to cancer patients unable to visit for themselves.

Health professionals network day

Spending time in the forest is known to improve our health and wellbeing. Find out what happened when a group of trainee health professionals came for a forest visit to try out for themselves some of the things we know make a difference.

Seven people, some holding frisbees, smile at the camera next to a disc golf net in the forest
A group of people wearing hats and coats singing under a gazebo in the forest, with a dusting of snow on the ground

Singing in the forest

The Woodland Warblers outdoor choir at Chopwell Wood found that singing in the forest bought them connection and improved health and wellbeing. 

The power of walking

Joining in with walking sessions at Thames Chase helped Lorraine to improve her health and wellbeing during a challenging time in her life. 

Lorraine from Feel Good in the Forest-1
Community Westonbirt

The power of trees

Westonbirt Arboretum’s community programme helps people with mental health conditions, addictions, behavioural difficulties, autism and dementia through the power of trees.

The forest effect

Discovering the benefits of spending time in nature really helped increase wellbeing and improve confidence for one participant of Chopwell Wood's Feel Good in the Forest programme after the Covid-19 pandemic had a big impact.

Sunlight shining through trees

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A women stands by a large redwood trunk, looking upwards into the tree canopy

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Woman doing yoga in the forest

Boost your mental wellbeing by spending meaningful time in the forest to reflect and connect with yourself and nature.

Feel good in the forest

Our Feel Good in the Forest social prescribing project helps those in need benefit from spending time in the forest.