Ingrebourne Hill

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Ingrebourne Hill has a wide variety of things for you to do and discover

With 4km of pathways and connections to Hornchurch Country Park, you can do it all on Ingrebourne Hill. 

There’s a great deal to look out for. Whether it’s mountain bikes hurtling around the specially built track; taking in relaxing views whilst enjoying a picnic beside the lake; playing in the Spitfire Scramble play area, or just observing the wildlife.


At a glance

The play area is currently closed
11/05/2022 13:25
Dogs welcome
11/05/2022 13:25

Things to do

Ingrebourne Hill offers 3km of cycling paths for you to explore! There is also a dedicated 2km mountain bike course to practice your off road skills.

Ingrebourne Hill has a 2.1km, circular horse riding trail that runs throughout the forest. Please follow the black posts with a white horse trail sign.

No permit is needed to ride at Ingrebourne Hill.

For more information on our facilities, opening times and contact details, please see our visitor information.

There are 4.1km of open paths for you to explore at Ingrebourne Hill! Part of the trails are accessible to all abilities.

If you fancy an even longer walk, there are connections to Hornchurch Country Park and part of the London Loop.


Nearby forests

Pond side path on open grassland

Come and roam the planted glades and wildflower meadows of this ancient farmland. You will be rewarded with excellent views of the Ingrebourne Valley, especially towards Hornchurch and Elm Park with an impressive hilly South Essex skyline in the distance.

Sun setting behind silhouetted trees

Named after the Bonnetts family who farmed these fields as part of their Central Farm from the 1920’s, Bonnetts Wood is now the perfect place to relax and unwind. 

Flower meadows, small streams and native trees provide the ideal setting for quiet nature watching, connected by a network of paths winding through the area.

Community on bridge over small stream in woodland

As one of Thames Chase's largest woodlands, Cely Woods has an excellent network of paths and is a rich habitat with numerous insects and flowers. 

The wildlife across the wetlands is a year-round treat. Try observing it from the wooden bridge that straddles the stream and see what you can spot! 

You can also continue through to Belhus Woods Country Park via a safe road crossing on Romford Road, where you can grab some refreshments from the Visitor Centre. 

Long grass on the edge of a woodland with bright blue skies

Mardyke Woods was already well established when the Romans first arrived here in 54BC and is therefore well deserved of its official status as an Ancient Semi Natural Woodland!

There's a variety of woodland paths for you to explore, two adjacent play areas for your active little monkeys and is convenient for the nearby Mardyke Way riverside walk, where you can connect up with the Davy Down Urban Riverside Park.

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