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The Forestry England Woodland Partnership – creating new woodlands that work for us all

We are offering to lease your land to create and manage new woodland to support government plans for woodland creation, nature recovery and progress towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It's a unique offer benefiting both public and private landowners, where we pay you a rent and put our expertise and resources to creating and managing resilient, thriving woodlands on your behalf.

If you’re a local authority, farmer or private landowner we’d be pleased to talk to you about how this opportunity can benefit you, your local communities and the wider environment. You can apply at any time. For companies looking to partner with Forestry England to create new woodlands please get in touch .

Download a woodland creation brochure to read full details about the Forestry England Woodland Partnership.

Building your business

Land management in England is evolving and payment schemes are changing. Public goods are being prioritised, and the drive for a greener future is gathering pace. In this changing economic climate, diversifying your land portfolio is one way to help your business thrive in the future: and creating woodland is an opportunity to do just that. 

Creating a large new woodland has its challenges and there are choices to be made; each route  involves  different levels of effort and financial reward.

  1. Doing it all yourself. If you’re new to tree planting and forest management this will require capital investment, expertise, and significant time on your behalf. Most of the risk, investment and the income will be yours. 

  1. Paying an agent. Bringing in a ‘main contractor’ can significantly reduce the amount of hands-on time you need to commit, and expert input reduces some of the risks and ensures excellent woodland creation projects. However, professional help carries costs and will require investment from you.

  1. Lease with guaranteed income. This is where we come in. Forestry England can partner with you to create and manage woodland on your land, providing you with guaranteed rental income through our innovative land lease model. We take most of the risk, do most of the work and, of course we expect to see an income too. Our income does not affect the rent we pay you. 

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We have tender opportunities for spring planting

All the woodland created by Forestry England will be optimised for environmental, social and economic benefits. These woodlands will be publicly accessible for the period of the lease and will meet Woodland Carbon Code standards to allow for future carbon trading. 

How it works: 

  1. Lease. We negotiate an option and lease with you for a land parcel of at least 50 hectares for at least 60 years. You will receive a rental payment for every year of the lease

  1. Plant, protect and manage. Forestry England secures approval for the project, prepares the site, plants the trees, protects and manages the woodland for the duration of the lease period 

  1. Income and investment. You receive a regular, secure income and will own a thriving, well-managed woodland on your property 

  1. Benefits. Over the lease the financial benefits flow to both you and us, and the woodland also provides public goods for you and your community, including health and wellbeing benefits, thriving wildlife habitats and improved biodiversity.

Ready to apply?

What our partnership can do for you – and for your community

As well as provide you with a rent payment for the duration of the lease these new woodlands will provide public access and health and wellbeing opportunities to your local communities. Once established, the woodlands will bring benefits to the wider landscape by providing thriving wildlife habitats to boost biodiversity, improving air quality and helping mitigate soil erosion and flooding. 

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Working with us means you will be drawing on over 100 years of expertise in successful woodland management. Find out more about having us as a partner.

Download the woodland creation brochure to read the full details on the Forestry England Woodland Partnership. 

Spring 2024 planting tender opportunities

We have a woodland creation programme for 2024/25 of nearly 700ha. We anticipate significant plantable areas in Devon, Norfolk and the Midlands. Eligible, pre-qualified organisations will be notified through our electronic procurement system and will be invited to bid on opportunities in the geographical area they have expressed interest in.

How to register

If you’re not already enrolled, follow this link to register. If you’re approved, you’ll be automatically contacted when the mini tender opportunity is live. When completing the questionnaire, use the following codes under ‘Tender response’ to show which area you’re registering for:

  • Yorkshire district: 545285F356
  • Central district: 23D8FHA7JD
  • East district: BG3PZE5TDU
  • West district: 4KNP9ZF26M

There are currently no opportunities for South district.

Our latest woodland creation projects...

York Community Woodland - a visualisation
York Community Woodland is a 76-hectare woodland being grown near the village of Knapton to the west of York.
Ground preparation for Rushy Knowe tree planting in Kielder Forest
Rushy Knowe is a 145 hectare site in Northumberland where we are planting a new woodland.
View of fields at Pleasant Forest soon to become new woodland
Pleasant Farm is a 127 hectare site for a new woodland in Kent.
Sence Valley new land centenary
To celebrate our centenary year in 2019, we purchased 48 hectares of land next to the existing forest at Sence Valley in Leicestershire.