Walking trails at Alice Holt Forest

Explore our many waymarked trails or smaller paths that criss-cross Alice Holt Forest. The woods are ideal for just about everyone to enjoy some exercise, from a gentle family walk to a good long invigorating stroll.


Walking trails at Alice Holt

Family walking on a woodland trail
Habitat trail at Alice Holt
Lodge Pond Alice Holt
Lodge Pond trail at Alice Holt
People enjoying Nordic Walking in the forest
Nordic Walking at Alice Holt
family on a child friendly cycling trail
Shipwrights Way trail at Alice Holt
Easy access paths through the wood with man on tramper
The Easy Access Trail at Alice Holt
Child playing on Timberline play structure
Timberline trail at Alice Holt
Family walking through autumnal forest
Willows Green trail at Alice Holt