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Mother and two children grinning while eating a picnic on a cluttered bench
01 July 2021
Butter the bread and grab the sausage rolls, the Bristish summertime is here and we're itching to get out for a picnic in the Midlands.
The motte and bailey at Castle Neroche in the Blackdown Hill
30 June 2021
Discover the hidden signs of historic landscapes you can find in the nation's forests
Mother and baby having lunch at picnic table
30 June 2021
Here are the perfect spots for a socially distanced picnic in the North East this summer.
Grizzled skipper butterfly on young leaves
25 June 2021
Find out the best places to spot butterflies and discover how we've been working to support them. 
Verity Ockenden in a red jersey running along a woodland path
22 June 2021
We catch up with Verity Ockenden, running Bronze medalist, to find out what inspires her, what advice she has for aspiring runners, and what it is that makes running in the forest so special.
white-tailed eagle taking off from a meadow in hazy sunlight
14 June 2021
Explore what we’ve learnt so far about the bird’s behaviour and their diet since release.
Female forestry volunteer laughing at work
25 May 2021
Thank you to all our volunteers across the country who help care for the nation's forests
Family cycling on forest trail
19 May 2021
Active Forest Coordinator at Hamsterley Forest, Laura, shares her experience of cycling with her family.

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