What to do with the kids at Westonbirt Arboretum

Children enjoying the Forest

We're delighted you have decided to visit Westonbirt Arboretum to enjoy a family day out! 

There is over 600 acres, and 17 miles of hard and grassy paths to enjoy, but where should you start when bringing your little (and not so little) ones with you? 

Use this handy guide to help you plan your visit!

A toddler in a bright blue starry coat and pink welly boots walks along holding her mums hand over a flat low wall. The mum in a green coat and pink tartan scarf cheers and encourages her girl on

Kids aged 0 - 5 years 

Hard paths around the arboretum are suitable for buggies and push chairs with benches along paths for nappy changing and feeding. There are baby changing facilitiesin the women and men's toilets at the entrance and a family room in the woman's toilets by the Great Oak Hall. The main restaurant has highchairs and bottle warming facilities.

Play & Discovery

Focus on play and discovery over distance travelled. Completing a loop of the Old Arboretum or Silk Wood is quite an ask for smaller children so exploring a small area may lead to a more successful visit. 

Collect items

Why not bring a bagand challenge them to find something red, something round, something bumpy etc. At the end of your challenge you could build a fairy house at the base of a tree with your collections. 

Below are some activity suggestions which we feel this age range would enjoy. 

Ideas for kids aged 0 - 5 years

Children on scooter
Hard paths to ride on
Silk Wood dog friendly
Old Arb & Silk Wood

We allow children to ride bikes and scooters in the arboretum if they are under 70cm from floor to handlebars.

Mums on Walkway Westonbirt
300 meters long
Dog friendly - on lead
Silk Wood

Little ones love exploring the Treetop walkway, features include a crows nest, rope bridge and interpretation to play with.

A woman holds her young daughter up to a sculpture of the squirrel from the gruffalo story
Approx 20 - 30 min walk from entrance
Dog free area
Old Arboretum

Come up close and personal with life sized sculptures of the Gruffalo, Snake, Owl, Squirrel, Fox and Mouse.

2 young boys sit on a wooden playing feature smiling to the camera
Approx 10 - 15 minute walk from entrance
Dogs on lead
Central area

A large wooden ship with ladders and slides, a spider climbing frame, planks to balance along and lots of room for imaginative play.

Child behind tree

Kids aged 6 - 10 years

They may not enjoy walking but chances are their legs can carry them a bit further now which opens up more play opportunities!

Play Trail in Old Arbroetum

  • Along Circular Drive, if you venture off the path, you will find tyre tunnels, wooden stepping stones and tree root balancing beams. 
  • Half way down Main Drive you will discover a troll bridge with tree forts to hide, defend and challenge in.

Play trail in Silk Wood

  • Along Willesley Drive is Tipi town! Construct your own den from long pieces of wood and balance along tree trunks. 
  • Barn Walk holds a beautiful 'What's the time Mr Wolf' sculpture where families can play a school yard favourite and towards the end of the path you will discover the Gruffalos Child sculpture. 

Pick up a play trail map from the Welcome Building for more features. 

Tree climbing

Tree climbing is encouraged at Westonbirt! Choose trees where the branches are at least as thick as your child's arm and remember to treat the trees kindly and only go as high as feels safe. 

Below are some activity suggestions which we feel this age range would enjoy. 

Ideas for kids aged 6 - 10 years

Children building dens in the forest

Perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy, build dens and play in the woods.

2 young brothers play catch around a textured tree trunk.
Summer family play trail - Green Games

As you explore Westonbirt this summer, look out for our eight green games that invite you to play together.

A young boy in a blue t-shirt and dark blue shorts jumps high off a log with his arms and legs stretched out. His older brother stands behind him smiling.

Need inspiration to keep the kids engaged? Try these play booklet ideas on your next visit.

Kids running Westonbirt

Try these free downloadable booklets which are designed to be used on your own adventure and route through the arboretum.

Autumn Westonbirt

Kids aged 11 plus

If we're honest we've hit the age where kids might not be so keen to go on a walk with the family, but hopefully we can give you some ideas to engage them in the outside world. 

Dog Walk

Taking the dog for a walk and a talk with the promise of a hot chocolate or an ice cream at the end! 


Collect some photos on your travels - you could turn some landscape shots into a calendar for Grandma or film the latest Tik Tok craze in amongst the trees.

Below are some activity suggestions which we feel this age range would enjoy. 

Ideas for kids aged 11 years plus

Learning Westonbirt

Test your orienteering skills as you navigate your way through Silk Wood.

Big Forest Find

Go on a big wildlife hunt and record your findings on iNaturalist to share observations of biodiversity across the globe!

People running towards the camera as they set off on a 10K run

Looking to improve your fitness as a family? Try our running routes around the arboretum!

attending a learning event

You may not be coming with a school but these free activity ideas are perfect for those who want to delve a little deeper into tree conservation.