Ten surprising ways to boost your wellbeing in the forest.


Ten surprising ways to boost your wellbeing in the forest

With a recent study by Forest Research revealing that 95% of people identified positive mental wellbeing, escape, freedom, fun and enjoyment as key benefits of getting active in the forest, we take a look at Forestry England’s top 10 experiences to get you moving in nature that you may not have discovered yet!


Step away from your normal routine and try yoga in your local forest. Embrace the challenge of trying something new and feel the sense of achievement from stepping outside your comfort zone. Forestry England have yoga classes at several sites across the country, perfect from beginners to yoga-pros! These classes can be booked in advance and are great if you’re new to yoga or prefer guided yoga sessions.

Nature spotting

Connecting with nature is proven to benefit our well-being, and it’s great fun too! Forestry England has a variety of habitats, from woodland to marshy grasslands and bogs, that create homes for some of England’s rarest wildlife. Why not head out and discover Forestry England’s best sites for nature.

Discover art

More and more people now appreciate that arts and culture can play a valuable role in helping people who have mental health challenges. It can help to boost confidence and make us feel more engaged and resilient. Since 1968 the nation’s forests have played host to a wide range of artworks and art forms. Head to the forest to explore the artworks and discover how the forest can shape our thinking.


There are many proven benefits to taking a ‘star bath’ ranging from merely taking a break from our busy lifestyles and finding a moment of calm, to providing a different perspective on our lives. You can experience all of this by taking part in special events at Forestry England sites to help you search the skies or by staying overnight with Forest Holidays or Forestry England camping.


Canicross is the perfect way to get fit with your dog, it increases your bond and also offers significant health benefits. From elevating your mood to promoting good sleeping habits, owning and exercising a dog is good for you! Canicross events have become hugely popular, sell-out events – be quick to book the next 5k or 10k friendly race at a local Forestry England site.

Forest bathing 

This Japanese practice is a process of relaxation; known in Japan as shinrin yoku. The simple method of being calm and quiet amongst the trees, observing nature around you whilst breathing deeply can help both adults and children de-stress and boost health and wellbeing in a natural way. Join a guided forest bathing session at specific forests or read Forestry England’s  guide to start forest bathing and try forest bathing in any of their beautiful forest locations.


Geocaching is great for your wellbeing. It gives you a chance to get outside in nature, gives your mind a goal to focus on and it’s fun! Why not try taking part in the world’s largest treasure hunt at your local Forestry England forest!

Disc golf

Like golf, players navigate a 9 hole course, throwing frisbee style discs at fixed targets around through the trees. Aim of the game, the player with the lowest number of total throws wins. Head to the forest to try out this fantastically fun activity!

Gruffalo orienteering

Gruffalo orienteering is a brilliant activity for the whole family. Try this fun, navigational challenge at a forest near you using a simple map to find twelve Gruffalo markers hidden in the deep, dark wood as quickly as possible. Answer questions along the way and gain valuable skills in decision making and map reading.

Go Ape 

From four to eighty-four, with a head for heights or not, Go Ape offers exhilarating outdoor activities in the nation’s forests. Whether you're looking to go on a high ropes course with incredible zip lines or push yourself physically and mentally, the courses provide a rewarding experience with cheek to cheek smiles throughout.

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