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Activities at Cardinham Woods

Walker and Tramper user at Cardinham Woods walking away from camera
Walking trails at Cardinham Woods
Child looking at Zog panel
Zog activity trail at Cardinham Woods
Children toasting marshmallows around campfire
Badger Forest School and Outdoor Learning
Mountain bike rider between conifer trees
Cycling and mountain biking trails at Cardinham Woods
Hobby bird sitting in a conifer tree
Forest Find | Cardinham Woods
Gruffalo's child at Cardinham Woods
Gruffalo Sculptures at Cardinham Woods
Two walkers under dappled shade
Lady Vale walk at Cardinham Woods
Tramper user and walker on a forest road
Mobility hire at Cardinham Woods
Picnic benches at Cardinham Woods
Picnics at Cardinham

Nearby forests

Rough tor

Roughtor (sometimes known as Rough Tor) boasts a wealth of natural beauty. Its peaks provide a manageable and enjoyable 3-4 mile walk complete with stunning views.

The keen eye will spot not only stunning views, but also Iron Age remains, Bronze Age hut circles and even a Neolithic tor enclosure. Perfect for explorers who like to stumble across remnants of history!

Davidstow Woods

Located by Davidstow airfield and north of Bodmin Moor, Davidstow Woods is a coniferous forest perfectly placed for a walk to Crowdy reservoir or Showery Tor.

Pack a lunch and take in the historic views across the moors.

Generic woodland

Located approximately two miles north of Truro, Idless Woods is a stunning woodland with a diverse range of wildlife. 

Shaded walking trail in Stoke Woods, Exeter

Once part of the area’s industrial past, this diverse woodland now supports a wide variety of plant and animal life including some of the UK’s rarest butterfly species. Come and see what you can spot! 


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