18 Instagram accounts to follow if you love nature

A road passing through Snake Woodlands on a misty day
Adam Evans Photography

18 Instagram accounts to follow if you love nature

 It turns out that the most picturesque scenery is often closer to home than you think. From the moody to the mystical, here are 18 nature Instagram accounts to inspire your next adventure.

1. @hannah_goes_exploring

Follow Hannah and her adorable pooch Rango on woodland wanders around the North East. Expect seasonal shots and breath-taking backdrops.

I feel most like myself when I am spending time in the great outdoors. I absolutely love watching how the forests change with each season and feel like spending time amongst the trees is the best way to get the most out of them, especially in winter and autumn. - Hannah

Favourite place?  Hamsterley Forest

2. @tyhurstey 

As a self-confessed man of the woods, Harry is no stranger to dark tones and moody shadows. You’ll find him exploring from dusk ‘til dawn, living the van life we all dream of.

Being outdoors, especially forest areas allows me to slow down and relax my mind. Forests are beautiful no matter the weather… moody, wet and foggy or when the sun rains drops of light through the trees. - Harry

Favourite place? Whinlatter Forest

3. @lillylalaloulou

Lilly’s feed is perfect for those who crave nature connectedness. When she’s not photographing the local wildlife, you’ll see Lilly travelling the world, wearing her iconic red raincoat of course.

I love walking and being in nature, and I take photos to try to convey the love, wonder and profound respect that I feel when I’m immersed in it. My photos are a celebration of the natural world and its many gifts. - Lilly

Favourite place?  Alice Holt Forest and the New Forest

4. @dpc_photography_

Nothing can quench our thirst for adventure quite like Daniel’s Instagram. He’s got a soft spot for a foggy landscape, and we’ve got a soft spot for his epic photography skills.

Getting outside and walking the forest is important to me because it makes me feel good. I love listening to the birds or the flow of the river. I head out early morning, when no one is usually around and I just sit and enjoy it all to myself! - Daniel

Favourite place?  Lady Clough

5. @katherine.livesey

Katy is a true wordsmith and visual storyteller. Poetic captions combine with whimsical images on her feed to create a mythical and folksy vibe.

Nature brings me positivity and light. The magical world of hidden portals that I find in my favourite books exists in the forest too. Nothing compares to curling up amongst wildflowers and seeking escape under dappled light dancing through the canopy. - Katy

Favourite place?  All woodlands are home to me!

6. @baxter.photos

We’ve followed Simon and his best buddy Meg the labradoodle for some time now. There's something so tranquil and inviting about their misty and atmospheric feed.

The therapeutic benefits of exploring quiet woodlands for my photography have been profound. I strive to make images which portray an experience, a mood, and communicate the importance of these special places. I can't think of a better place to enjoy and appreciate nature in all her seasons than an escape to the ever changing beauty of woodland in the company of my four-legged friend. - Simon

Favourite place?  Guisborough Forest

7. @weekend_hiker 

Tom's Instagram is a patchwork of meandering hills, beautiful meadows and unforgettable forests. His IGTV bluebell walks keep us all in touch with natural spaces when we can't be there ourselves.

There is no substitute for the feeling you get from being surrounded by nature and experiencing a beautiful sunrise, epic far-reaching views or being under a clear starlit sky. Photography enables me to capture that moment and to hopefully inspire others to get out there and enjoy nature too! - Tom

Favourite place?  West Woods

8. @adamevansoutdoors

Adam is often thinking about the next long road trip. The destination? Unknown. Follow his journey through the trees to see where the road takes him next.

For me the outdoors is such a powerful place, it’s a chance to gain some headspace, to really clear my thoughts and to seek that bit of adventure in each day. - Adam

Favourite place?  Cannock Chase and Snake Woodlands

9. @nicolinaiacob

Travel virtually around the world without ever having to buy a plane ticket. Magnificent viewpoints and dreamy surroundings feature in every picture, and Nicolina is often dwarfed by towering trees and dramatic cliff faces.

Being in nature helps my mind wind down. It’s where I feel completely free and all my cares drop away. - Nicolina

Favourite place?  Anywhere in the Peak District!

10. @tim_monaghan_potography

Peace, quiet and calm. Tom’s profile is a welcome escape from recent stresses. Even in darker days, he’s able to point out the beauty of undiscovered landscapes.

I think photographing and connecting with nature is important, as that is what we are. By ignoring nature, we forget about who we are. I love sharing the amazing places that Dorset and Forestry England have to offer! - Tim

Favourite place?  Bolderwood, New Forest

11. @davedventure

Follow David on his quest to climb one mountain at a time and check out some of the scenery he captures while doing it! You may even get a chance to see the wildlife he encounters along the way.

Connecting with nature and living in that moment just makes me feel happier and fresher. - David

Favourite place?  Anywhere in the Lake District!

12. @sir_drew_

Nottingham Based explorer Andrew loves to get lost in the woods. He treads off the winding forest paths to bring you the best views that nature has to offer.

Photography and adventure go hand in hand for me. I started to appreciate the outdoors more once I began to take photos and see things from a different perspective. We have so many amazing places around us in the UK, and I'm sad when I hear people say they've never explored them. It's such a missed opportunity! Being in the forest makes you feel better emotionally and it contributes to every part of your wellbeing. - Andrew

Favourite Place?  Sherwood Pines

13. @ross_emery 

Ross’ feed is full of fantastic gloomy shots that are posted side-by-side with spectacular sunsets. It’s hard not to plan visits to the many locations he so lovingly captures.

From a young age being outdoors has always been important to me through my parents and grandparents. Even now, you can happily find me climbing a tree in a forest or running about trying to find unique shots for my feed. Through my Instagram, I hope to inspire people to get out more and explore their local area. I'm so lucky to be in Somerset. - Ross

Favourite place?  Stockhill Wood

14. @andrewmlphotography

Andrew has a knack for finding intricate patterns and noticing the smaller details of wild places. The texture of bark, the tiny complexity of leaves.

Photography in nature is my escape from the day to day life. I feel we owe it to nature to show off its natural beauty and by connecting with nature through photography/art we can hope to ensure we keep it the way it is. - Andrew

Favourite place?  Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest

15. @naturewithtom

Looking for the best walks in Lancashire and beyond? Tom loves to explore the places where browsers don’t refresh but humans do…

I love being out in nature. A chance to unwind, forget about my phone and simply connect with what’s around me in that very moment. There’s always something that turns up unexpected too… the same walk done twice is never quite the same! Whether it’s animal encounters, a beautiful skyline, moody weather conditions or simply bumping into other likeminded people, it always makes each nature walk different. Of course, I could keep my walks to myself, but sharing these experiences and inspiring others to enjoy nature and get outside is what life is all about. We need nature and nature needs us. - Tom

Favourite place? Gisburn Forest and Stocks

16. @cathstanleyphotography

Cath is a landscape and fine art photographer from Manchester. When she’s not experimenting with new and unique ways to take images of nature, Cath spends her time supporting fellow female landscape photographers to thrive.

I am fascinated with woodlands and forests, the diverse mix of trees in one place, the way in which the light plays with shadows and colours, sometimes singling out smaller saplings. The outdoors and landscape is hugely beneficial for me. It is a release from the everyday, it brings a sense of calmness, the atmosphere and the distinctive smell of conifer trees and woodland brings a real inner peace. - Cath

Favourite place? Lady Clough and Snake Pass

17. @ruthallen.geotherapist

This Instagram feed is a safe space to access your daily dose of nature bliss. As a psychotherapist, Ruth fills her captions with helpful, thought-provoking and poignant wellbeing content.  

Getting outside is important to me because it's an essential, non-negotiable part of my life. Being able to spend time with the trees is my birth right. It is everyone's. We shouldn't see connecting with the rest of nature as an optional extra. In truth, we have been weakened by our separation from it. Sharing my outdoor life is part of being witness to the benefits of a deep and engaged connection. - Ruth

Favourite place? Grizedale

18. @forestryengland

Ok, we’re biased… but our account is the central hub for all things forest themed. We post inspiring and whimsical natural imagery, alongside important wildlife updates and artsy photography competitions.

Try out our #TreeChallenge highlight to test your leafy knowledge and scroll down to check out our content. Remember to tag us @forestryengland and use #ForestFocus for the chance to be featured.

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