Please read our guidance about what to expect when visiting and check which sites are still closed - Guidance and closures

Keep update with any New Forest car park, cycle and walk route closures

At times, Forestry Forestry has to temporarily close areas of the forest to carry out various maintenance jobs or for  seasonal wildlife protection reasons.

It’s vitally important that people observe safety signage and do not enter work sites where machines are working. Short-term closures are needed in order to make improvements and we hope that visitors will understand.

There are plenty of alternative tracks to use, or places to park in the beautiful surroundings of the New Forest, so please don’t obstruct gateways and car park entrances with vehicles, or park on the grass verges.

Keep an eye on this section of the website to read about any work that is going on near your favourite parts of the forest, or to find out the meaning of the operational signs you may see out and about.